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Making mountains out of Gaga molehills

The Australian MSM can be pretty parochial when it comes to visiting celebrities. Embarrassingly so. But this Herald Sun story – being run on all News Ltd sites, of course – is a complete beat up: Lady Gaga’s Gillard gaffe in Tracy Grimshaw interview:

LADY Gaga was almost engulfed in a political storm during her interview with Tracy Grimshaw last night.

In a case of mistaken sexuality, the pop diva assumed Prime Minister Julia Gillard was a lesbian after an ambiguous question from the ACA veteran, the Herald Sun reported.

Grimshaw apparently “asked the pro-gay-marriage singer if she thought Gillard was hypocritical living with her partner in The Lodge but also banning homosexual unions”.

Firstly, the question doesn’t even make sense. How is it hypocritical to live in a heterosexual relationship if you don’t support marriage equality?

Secondly, the language of the question implies that Gillard is gay. There’s nothing “ambiguous” about that.

And thirdly, do we really expect a visiting pop star to know the sexual orientation of our Prime Minister? After all, the Dalai Lama thought the PM was male, and he meets Australian politicians a lot.

But the question was clearly playing on the Born this Way star’s mind, and she double-checked with Grimshaw once the cameras were off if the PM was in fact gay.

So, Gaga doesn’t actually think Gillard is gay – she was simply responding to the question which implied that she was. Sorry News Ltd, there’s not really a story here. Unless you want to use all of your Australian websites to insinuate that the Prime Minister is gay.

Gordon Ramsay is either full of shit or a weirdo

Of course Gordon Ramsay knew he was going to have a go at Tracy Grimshaw at the Melbourne Food and Wine show. He brought a prop, for fuck’s sake. But apparently his “light-hearted banter” was “taken out of context”:

“I find it hard to believe that anyone was offended when it was a throwaway line that was not there to cause any upset… The sexist thing, that was the thing that upset me.”

Um, in what context would calling someone a ugly lesbian in need of botox and brandishing a picture of a nude woman on all fours with a pig’s face be in context? And who carries a picture like that around? And then shows it to an audience of cooking fans at a public event? And being called sexist upsets him, but he doesn’t think it would upset someone to be called an ugly lesbian pig-woman?