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The challenge: spies, lies and allies

Fans of “The Challenge” may not remember Lauren Coogan because she was cast for “Spies, Lies and Allies”, but was pulled from the series in the second episode and deleted from nearly all of the shows. scenes before its release. While the “Love Island” star has spoken briefly about her exit and said she is “gassy and scapegoat,” her co-stars have been silent about her withdrawal from the show so far.

At the time of its release, the PinkRose “Challenge” insider account reported that Lauren was fired after being accused of making a race-insensitive remark towards Aneesa Ferreira, Checklist wrote, but Lauren wrote on Twitter that there is “no truth” to the rumor and MTV has not released a statement on the situation. On October 10, however, Season 37 cast member Corey Lay took to social media to accuse Lauren of being racist.

Her call followed the drama as a video of Fessy Shafaat getting closer to another woman after a live Florida “Challenge Mania” event began circulating online. Amanda Garcia, who had seen Fessy, criticized him in a series of tweets and also implicated Corey Lay, who was partying with Fessy and other “Challenge” stars that night. One fan wrote that “Corey Lay is on the move” and the tweet was liked by Lauren, which sparked Corey:

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Corey has repeatedly called Lauren a racist and opened up about her coming out experience

Amid tweets about his night out in Tampa, Corey tweeted that Lauren liked comments that he was fishy: Worry about yourself @LaurenCoogan. One fan asked why he had only decided to come forward now and replied, “Because she felt the need to be shady towards me without provocation. She has no reason to come and get me.

He then explained, “This woman who was cast on the show also tried to downplay how important it was to me to be a queer black man in The Challenge because we are vastly under-represented. She told me with all her chest not to make my ‘story’ about being gay. He added that the cast had “protected” Lauren by not talking about what had happened:

Being a queer black man is fucking tough in this world and NOBODY, especially a racist white woman, is ever going to tell me how I should represent myself. I have struggled so hard in my life to be who I am. We have protected you all by NOT talking about you. Walk lightly [Lauren].

Corey explained that being gay will always be part of his “story” as it is important for him to show himself to the world and try to be a role model for other members of the queer black community. A now deleted tweet from someone asked Corey, “Are you Aneesa? No? So don’t talk about Lauren if you weren’t even there to hear the alleged comment.

Corey was quick to respond that he was standing in the same room as the two. Someone asked, “So how come the production looked at the footage and couldn’t find anything?” »Explain that? Lauren went on the cameras and edited that or what. Corey replied that he can’t talk about what the production did and has no idea what happened behind the scenes.

In a final comment on the situation, Corey tweeted about National Coming Out Day and wrote: “Thank god i didn’t listen to people like @LaurenCoogan when I was 14, I found it hard to come to terms with my sexuality. I went out and now live STRONGLY and OPEN for every queer person who can’t. Some people end their lives struggling with this and I will never be silenced. “

After leaving the show, Lauren said she was a scapegoat and Gaslight and denied the rumors

Lauren Coogan

MTVLauren Coogan

Lauren briefly shared her side of events after her removal from the series in a Twitter thread and Instagram Q&A. She wrote: “I was put on gas and scapegoated on two major networks in the same month. My anxiety skyrocketed, my sanity was literally in shambles and it led to some sort of identity crisis. “

She said she didn’t want to explain why she was taken off the show, but described the experience as “traumatic” and “the worst time of my life”. She said she was accused of saying certain things, but MTV’s legal team did not have time to review the footage before the second challenge due to the time difference between Croatia and the United States. and that is why the decision was made to withdraw it.

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