The shocking reason why JiDion accuses Twitch of racism


A few content creators responded to JiDion’s initial post, including Clix and Adin Rosswho both felt that the situation was more than a little bizarre. Lucky Jack from Full Squad Gaming shared JiDion’s tweet, stating that Twitch is currently under pressure. In a follow-up tweet, Fortunate wrote: “The streamer who had live sex verbally stated that she only received a 7 day ban from Twitch, she did not show the email or screenshots ban screen.” Lucky predicted that Twitch may end up extending kimmikka’s ban after this backlash, if it hasn’t already.

A number of fans also backed JiDion, arguing that trolling other streamers, while still a problem, shouldn’t result in a harsher punishment than someone having live sex. Other people disagreed with JiDion, indicating that harassing others is a worse offence. Other Viewers are further distracted by how little ban Kimmikka apparently got for the incident. For his part, JiDion finally doubled down on his Twitch caption. The streamer tweeted“#TwitchIsSexist”, then reiterated his feeling that Twitch can’t continue to ignore this issue.

On August 26, JiDion posted a video in which he called on Twitch to either permaban kimmikka or rescind their own ban. At this time, Twitch has yet to respond to JiDion’s messages.


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