the United States at the time of the Great Divide

Pro and anti-abortion activists demonstrate in front of the United States Supreme Court, which must rule on the revocation of the judgment “Roe vs. Wade,” June 21, in Washington. CNP/Rod Lamkey/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect

INVESTIGATION – Abortion, carrying a weapon, environment, racism, wokism… The divorce between Republicans and Democrats is flagrant and cuts the country in two.

Washington Correspondent

A deep political divide is deepening in the United States. On abortion, guns, new theories of gender, sexuality or race, immigration, mask-wearing or ecology, conservatives and progressives have all but stopped debating. Each issue is just another point of contention between two Americas that are growing further and further apart.

One is formed by the states governed by the Republican Party, concentrated in the South, the Midwest and the Rockies. The other by those led by the Democrats, who form two blocks, on the Pacific coast and in the Northeast, on the Atlantic. To this division is added, within almost all the States, that which separates the great metropolises from the countryside and the small towns.

More than political disagreements, America is now divided on ethical, cultural and philosophical issues

These two blocks observe increasingly different laws, or refuse to apply those of the federal state which do not suit them. Their divergent trajectories draw the map…

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