There’s a gay “Pride and Prejudice” coming out in June


Searchlight Pictures’ “Fire Island” hits Hulu on June 3. A group of queer people connected by their crappy jobs at a brunch spot (note the “woo girls” screaming for mimosas) spend the summer together on Fire Island.

We’re brought in with a whimsical, romantic feeling that “time works differently here” – very “Alice in Wonderland”, if Alice hasn’t fallen down a rabbit hole in a new world, but instead stumbled upon a boat to a strange party island.

Starring Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang, the vibe is that of a summer camp but for gay adults; they give us full moon parties, drag shows, the “mean girls” and unlikely romance to the sound of Charlie XCX “Boys”.

We have the stereotypical high school dynamic of cliques; our brunch work boys, AKA ‘The Party Girls’ are little sweethearts in tiaras playing Heads Up and the buff and bitchy dudes are “ruining this island”.

Representation is really important to the queer community – it removes typing as “gay best friend and helps expand our perceptions of LGBTQ+ identities.

It’s perfectly set up to create a happy, loving fairy tale and we can’t wait to watch it in full. Watch the trailer below.

Stream “Fire Island” on Disney+ June 3.


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