This virtual Iftar event to break the Muslim stereotype



Due to the pandemic, the walk has become a virtual event since 2020. “As the pandemic continues, we will be hosting a virtual interfaith iftar party on May 12 from 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm. For this year’s iftar party, we invited people from different backgrounds. Ashok Khubchandani from Sufidar Trust is one of the participants. Sufidar Trust volunteers are primarily from the city’s Sindhi Hindu community – they have served nombu kanji and other fast-breaking refreshments at Wallajah Mosque in Triplicane for over three decades. Another participant is Father Joseph Victor Edwin SJ, he is a Jesuit (Catholic priest) teaching theology and Christian-Muslim relations at Vidyajoti College of Theology, Delhi. He will talk about the importance of Ramzan, ”says Anwar.

The filmmaker, who works on the history of Muslims in Tamil Nadu, tells us that today there is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam. “Through this virtual event, we seek to break stereotypes. People should understand that Muslims are not a monolithic community. There are many cultures among Muslims and we will talk about them. While the focus is on Ramzan, we are also looking at different diverse voices in the community. Other participants are Professor PK Abdul Rahiman, who heads the JBAS Center for Islamic Studies at the University of Madras, Shazia Andaleeb, a freelance writer who studies Islam and gender and works in the nonprofit space. focused on girls’ education, Tasneem Akbari- Kutubuddin, who works on Bohra history in Chennai, Huda Ahsan, architecture student, currently researching gender, sexuality and inclusiveness in Islam and musician Izza Ahsan. We will talk about our common heritage with a focus on gender, inclusiveness and the diversity of beliefs and cultures within Islam, ”he adds.


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