“Threads of Time”: the exhibition challenges existing notions on gender and sexuality


A solo art exhibition by contemporary artist Puneet Kaushik here aims to present stories that challenge existing notions about gender, sexuality, stereotypes, violence and moral values.

Organized by Galerie Espace, ” Threads of Time – The Material Memoirs of Puneet Kaushik ” exhibits the artist’s recent body of work produced during confinement, consisting of mixed media installations and drawings made with thread. steel, glitter dust, beads, thread, resin, nails, watercolor and handmade paper.

The work, ” biographical in a sense ”, weaves the collective and personal stories of a generation born in a world of displaced persons in urban spaces, of conscious excess, of economic inflation, of the emergency of 1975- 76 and the growing rural-urban divide.

The choice of abstract subjects, traditional craft techniques and contemporary media treatment signal a nonconformity in Kaushik’s refusal to be bound by existing prosaic parameters of art reception and restrictive notions of art. practice of contemporary art.

“Its layered cultural inquiries on paper, yarn and fiber strive to bring out stories that challenge existing notions about gender, sexuality, stereotypes, violence and moral values,” said the organizers in a press release.

In particular, this is Kaushik’s second solo exhibition at Galerie Espace; its first, ‘Barren Red’, took place in 2016. According to Renu Modi, director and founder of Gallery Espace, Kaushik’s practice, inspired by Indian craft traditions, popular culture and design, is a new direction in the industry. contemporary art – one that is rooted in its context. Light and shadow are an integral part of Puneet’s body of work in his solo exhibition at Galerie Espace after a five-year hiatus. His handling of different materials here – steel, wire, paper, nails, etc. – is lyrical and the textured surfaces it creates are magical, ”said Modi.

The exhibition will end on January 12.

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