UMKC unveils new academic department on race, ethnicity and gender / sexuality


The UMKC recently announced the creation of a new University Department on Race, Ethnicity and Gender / Sexuality (REG).

REG combines three fields of study that were already in the UMKC system. Black Studies, Latin American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Sexuality Studies form the core of this interdisciplinary department. This allows for an intersectional learning program in which students can take courses that cover all three areas.

The courses will be related to a plethora of topics, from race in finance to the study of gender in various cultures. Under the current program, students can earn a minor in any REG course. However, there is currently no major for the department.

Associate Professor of Criminology and Acting Chairman of REGS Toya Like said the next step will be to establish a major leaflet for students to follow, potentially specializing in this area.

Like also discussed what students in the new department can expect to learn.

“[The goal] is understanding diversity, ensuring students have an in-depth exploration of the world of race, ethnicity and gender, ”Like said.

As stated, the main objective of these courses is to get students to think about REG in various disciplines, regardless of their specific orientation.

Like explained how this helped in his own area of ​​criminology.

“This historic divide between the African American community and the law enforcement community is critical, so understanding can inform what we do in terms of policy and practice,” Like said.

From now on, the department will be hosting events virtually such as “The Color of Money”, an event that covers racism in finance and is free for UMKC students. Students are encouraged to email Professor Like at [email protected] for any other questions regarding the REGs department.

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