Why Lala Kent’s Ex Randall Emmett Is Accused of Racism


Lala Kent’s ex-fiancé Randall Emmett faces even more damaging allegations after the Vanderpump Rules star was accused of racism by a former employee. Randall has had a drastic downfall since being dumped by Lala. In recent months, Randall has been named in a lawsuit filed by former employees and business partners who accuse the filmmaker of misconduct and abuse. In July, a group of women came together with their claims against Randall, including being told they had to return sexual favors in exchange for acting roles.


Now, Randall’s former assistant, Michael G’Blae, has filed his own lawsuit that accuses Randall of using the N-word and racially discriminating against him. Recently unsealed court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Time accuses Randall of using the N-word against rapper 50 Cent. G’Blae filed a lawsuit against Randall, his business partner George Furla, and their company Emmett/Furla Oasis Films, claiming he was fired because of his race. G’Blae was the company’s only African-American employee and claims Randall often made racist comments about black artists like Cardi B, Quavo of the Migos and 50 Cent, with whom Randall had a bad fallout that ended to their partnership with the hit show Starz Power.

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Randall accused of calling 50 Cent an N-Word

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett from Vanderpump Rules

According to the lawsuit, G’Blae recalls a time Randall read 50 Cent’s book, “Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter,” and called his former business partner a racial slur. “Emmett got mad at 50 Cent and G’Blae“, states the lawsuit.”He called 50 Cent, “that fuckin’ nigga,” then told G’Blae, “You’re all the same.” All you do is push people around. He then threw the book at G’Blae.” The lawsuit also accuses Randall of calling rapper Cardi B”a female dog” and asked G’Blae to “Translateafter claiming he didn’t understand what the Grammy-winning rapper was saying on TV.

As for rapper Quavo, who appeared in Randall’s upcoming film, hello savage, the filmmaker reportedly asked G’Blae for advice before meeting the rapper. “Martin, if I go out with Quavo, will anyone know who he is? Or is it just like a cultural thing?Randall reportedly asked his former assistant. G’Blae also says that Randall often left his expensive watches and valuables next to his former assistant to see if he would steal them. “Emmett often dropped money around G’Blae and left expensive watches and jewelry around, as if to see if he would steal them.“, states the lawsuit.”Other employees noted to G’Blae the weirdness of this, as they noticed that Emmett would only do this around G’Blae..” As GBlae is the only black employee, he believes Randall was deliberately targeting him because of his race.

The latest lawsuit is in addition to the sexual misconduct and abuse trial Randall is already facing. The Vanderpump Rules The star continues to have her name linked to shocking allegations that seem to lift the lid on Randall’s true colors. Lala hasn’t been shy about revealing the abuse she suffered while dating Randall for five years. Now that they’re over, Lala teases her new boyfriend and keeps her distance from her ex while co-parenting their daughter.

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Source: LA Times


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