With Robin exploring his sexuality in Batman Comics, another LGBT character took on the role of sidekick With Robin exploring his sexuality in Batman Comics, another LGBT character took on the mantle of sidekick


Tim Drake in the comics

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Comic book stories are at the forefront of pop culture, thanks to countless film and TV adaptations. But the adventures continue on the page as well, and DC fans were recently surprised to learn that Robin Tim Drake would explore his sexuality in the comics. And shortly after that revelation, another LGBT character took on the role of sidekick.

A number of comic book characters have worn Robin’s cape and mask over the years, starting with Dick Grayson. Historically, Tim Drake was Batman’s third sidekick, and it remains to be seen how the Boy Wonder ultimately identifies. But now, another LGBT character is alongside Batman, namely Harley Quinn.

This latest Bleeding Cool update shows how Harley Quinn continues to be at the center of DC’s narratives across all mediums. Margot Robbie just brought her back to the big screen with The suicide squad, while season 3 of Kaley Cuoco’s animation Harley quinn the series is expected on HBO Max. There is also a Suicide Squad developing game, which will allow the audience to become the beloved femme fatale.

On the page, the Harley Quinn comics recently saw the fan-favorite character become an ally of the Bat family. And in the final issue, Harley becomes Robin in her own right, in a look that mixes her costume and the typical Boy Wonder appearance. And just like that, there can be two queer Robins in the comics. After all, Harley has long been part of the LGBT spectrum.

Harley in a Robin Costume

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As conversations about portrayal on TV and in movies continue, we’ve seen more and more LGBTQ + characters heading into popular projects like superhero movies. But the DC and Marvel comics have presented weird stories on the page for years; it is in fact the film adaptations that must catch up. Of course, DC hardcore would be happy to see an incarnation of Robin finally making its way into the DC Extended Universe.

For fans waiting to finally see Robin back on the big screen, there are potentially several options for Batman’s protégé to make his entrance. One possibility would be in a Matt Reeves sequel The batman, which is defined outside of the main DCEU. Batgirl is also getting her own movie, which could be an opportunity to bring in another Batman ally. Fans are also still waiting for answers on Batfleck’s Robin, who perished before the events of Batman vs. Superman.

The batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on March 4, 2022, while the Batgirl movie is currently in development. Be sure to check out the 2021 film release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.

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